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  1. Unique one-piece, special heat-treated , low-alloy steel axle beam - offers more stability, greater capacity and lighter weight. It is a world class technology.
  2. Integral "P" type swage straight spindle or tapered spindle with induction-hardened bearing journals - provide superior fatique capability.
  3. Spider camshaft and anchor pin bored are machined with reference to the spindle after the welding operation - increases stability and braking performance.
  4. "XEM" or "Q" GP brake kits with heavy duty brake return spring.
  5. High performance premium non-asbestos brake linings - extend service life.
  6. Improved seals at camshaft - protect the brake drums from the grease lubricant, more safety.
  7. New 100% tight fit hub cap with additional "O" ring - provide optimum sealing performance.
  8. Grease lubricant is supplied by Shell and Exxon Mobil. Good without Hub Greasing 150,000 km/one year.
  9. Axle meet USA FMVSS-121 requirements and Australian ADR 38.