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Published on 23rd October 2010


So far Transport Trade gained so much knowledge from each other that it was difficult to judge whether trailer manufacturer is expert or trailer user i.e. transporter.

Trailer Manufacturing Industry is dominated by Manufacturers from Un-organized Sector. Slogan – You paid the money Trailer is yours and Money is mine.

But changing phase of Industry is giving birth to New Age Organized Trailer Industry.

Brands like DLT, RSB, Gorica, Mamutt, ANG, STOKOTA, and CIMC-KKTC are emerging with organized phase of Trailer Industry.

Everyone has different strategy but same aim- to pick up share from unorganized sector.

ANG and RSB are more or less competing with their products with unorganized sector and product quality and prices nearing unorganized sector. In the process these manufacturers can only be termed close to mass producing “un”-Organized” Trailer Manufacturers and who claim that they have Better Products also but since market does not want them so they are offering what is sellable and claim at least “they have abolished waiting period from market for procuring trailers.”

Popularly known TATA-DLT is Sri Lanka based Trailer manufacturer who has tied with TATA INTERNATIONAL and set up their manufacturing facilities at Pune which gives advantage to Customers for Single Billing & Single Source Funding arrangement to Customers for Fully Built Vehicle Sale. Of course gives added trust of TATA BRAND to customer when buying Trailer and one need to premium for this.

On similar ground Stokota aligned with Automotive Manufacturers Ltd. (Ashok Leyland Dealer for Western Region). ANG also announced such alignment with Ashok Leyland which fizzled out and now ANG. Even here ANG is getting confused whether to promote Trailer Parts business or fully built Trailer business. RSB also is trying to graduate from Trailer Axle manufacturing business to fully built Trailer manufacturing business.

Mammut and Gorica are Middle East based Trailer Manufacturing companies who are sincerely expanding their Market base from Middle East to Asian Countries specially India. These Middle East based companies came to India with Investment Capabilities of Middle East Countries’ Promoters. Investing and Expanding to emerging Indian Markets. These Middle East Companies gave tough competition to European Manufacturers in Middle East Countries but in India Tables as reversed as Indian Market is already Low Value and Low Price Market.

CIMC largest Trailer manufacturer from China have made arrangements with KKTC Autotech and CIMC is TS16949 compliant company and one of the largest producer of trailers in the World and is offering World Class Trailers definitely at 5-7% premium over Un ”Organized” Sector Prices which is termed by CIMC as Money Making Machine rather Trailer in general terms if compared with local Trailers.

Why CIMC Trailers when there many ME TOO are available CIMC-KKTC Trailers is aiming at Broad Market Product Range prospects by offering many class of Special Purpose Vehicles manufacturer as they call themselves. KKTC informs that they aim at Broad Product Mix Manufacturers offering – General Cargo Trailers, Transit Mixers, Fuel Tankers (be it MS/Stainless Steel /Aluminum) and even for LPG, CNG High Pressure/Cryogenic Tanker Trailer applications.

CIMC – KKTC has introduced After Sale Service Mobile Workshops spread all over the country and even offer Trailers with Annual Maintenance Contract for as low Rs.0.10 per KM where you will get all possible services in case of any breakdown.

CIMC KKTC also plans to launch their series of products like –Insulated Bodies for carrying Perishable Goods , Car Carrier Trailers and even Truck/Trailer mounted Concrete Pumps.

Out of All CIMC seems to take lead in Broad Product Mix.

Only time will tell how much organized is Organized Industry and how much Indian Transporters shall get in return. But all depends on Market Growth Levels.

Till the happy Dreaming! But so far everyone is looking down but hope to be up in the sky.

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  1. FARHAN IQBAL says:
    3rd January, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Dear Sir

    We are a trading company based in the U.A.E with plans to expand our operations in India. We are interested in procuring various transport equipments for the same purpose. We would like to have a quote for the following equipments.

    1. 40 feet Flat Bed Trailer . Tri-axle
    50 Ton payload with container locks 3 No’s

    2. 20 Feet Skeleton Trailer for Container 1 No’s (Double –Axle)
    30 MT payload.

    Please give us a detailed quote for the above. Your quotation will include the following:

    1. Grade of Steel used
    2. Type of Axles
    3. Type of Braking System Used
    4. Type of Tyres.

    Delivery required in Feb 2011 , please include warranty details and service contract details if available. Price to be quoted delivered in Mumbai.

    Thanks & Regards

    Farhan Iqbal

    Al Rama International Traders
    Procurement & Business Development Manager
    Mob # 00971-554150961
    Tel # 00971-4-8809899 Ext 315
    Fax # 00971-4-8809810

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